Nia Ali - 14 Months

"We really struggled with Nia's sleep during naptime and bedtime as she always fought it. She would only go to sleep with us lying next to her which could take up to an hour each night! She would also wake up every single night and one of us always ended up in bed with her. We became very sleep deprived and dreaded bed times. 


When we heard about Marie we were very sceptical and thought this won't work for our little girl as she is so alert and would cry hysterically if we left the room but after a week of Marie's help, we can put Nia in bed, give her kiss goodnight and leave the room without any tears and she will get herself to sleep! 


I can't believe this worked for us, it's transformed our lives. She can now sleep all the way through the night and and doesn't fight sleep.


I can't recommend Marie enough. It was definitely worth it and I wish we had done it sooner. "


Jay & Danielle Ali