Liam Price - 18 Months

"I can’t thank Marie enough for supporting me on this journey. After 19 months of sleepless nights and thinking “tonight will be the night” I finally bit the bullet and reached out for some help.


I honestly thought my cheeky chap would just never sleep through on his own and was sceptical about what Marie suggested at first. I stuck to it despite having some really difficult nights and my goodness has it paid off.


Three weeks on and my life has changed. Liam has started sleeping for 12 hours a night (with no wake ups) in his own bed and most importantly without the two hour battle to get him down.


He now naps in the day like a little dream and waves me off after his story at bedtime. If anyone is doubting investing in this then don’t! Goodbye zombie mum, hello productive and energetic mummy. I finally feel like myself again and it’s all thanks to Marie.


Marie is always at the end of the phone to answer a query or talk some positivity into you when you feel like giving up. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Xxx"

Saranne Price