Arthur Sadler - 9 Months

"Where do I begin? 

Arthur was nearly 10 months old! Never had slept well at night, most nights awake every hour or 30 minutes! And would only settle with me and my partner rocking him. For some sleep he would often end up in our bed and would fall to sleep on the boob!


Until one night it all got too much and I contacted several sleep nanny’s and had consultations. And I knew when speaking with Marie, her professional manner and how she understood Arthur and what was happening. I signed up the next day! And wow it’s been life changing.


Arthur now naps in his own cot, goes down smiling now, not crying. He naps longer in the day as she helped me with his routine. And at night he is sleeping in solid blocks of 6 hours, no more rocking, no more falling asleep on the boob! No more going up stairs every 30 minutes. Me and my partner can watch a film all the way through! Oh and sleep well at night!!!!


When I couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel!! I contacted Marie and she was amazing! Her advice, her support, everything. I would text her all day and she was there at the end of the phone.


I have highly recommended her to everyone! It’s the best money I have ever spent! Sleep is so important, not just for me, but my son too! Thank you Marie, you’ve changed our lives"

Kate Hodges