Lucy Allen - 12 months old

"I found Marie through a local event and I’m really glad I did. I was really nervous about speaking to a sleep consultant because I felt like I’d failed my baby in some way because she wasn’t getting the sleep she needed and I wasn’t either. I met Marie and she assured me she could help and that we would be able to use gentle methods. 


We had a long chat and discussed what we’d done before and then started a plan. We went step by step slowly at our/my daughters pace. The new method worked straight away and my daughter began to sleep for longer periods and in her cot for naps. I should say what we did at first we have changed every few days which now allows our daughter to go to sleep on her own. 


We will be working with what Marie has taught us for a long time to keep supporting our daughter with her sleep.


Marie was very responsive to messages and we had calls/video calls when they were needed. This helped as it was a good way I talking through any issues which came up. Thank you Marie for your help and support."

The Allens