Adam Rai Jr - 11 Months

"I started the sleep training as I was recommended Marie through a friend (who was now may I add getting a full nights sleep with her little boy) 


My little boy at the time of contacting Marie was 11 months old. Myself and partner were waking up every 2 hours during the night. The amount of rocking back to sleep/breast feeding back to sleep during endless nights looking back makes me feel ill. I’m not sure how we managed 11 months of it! The lack of sleep actually made us feel ill which meant at times we couldn’t enjoy our little boy.

So ... with much hesitation and a lot of “ this won’t work for us “ thoughts, we decided to plough forward and sign up for 3 weeks sleep training.


WOW !!! Within days we were getting pretty much a full nights sleep. For anyone reading this that needs a good night sleep please please have faith in believing every word I write.

Marie has actually changed my family’s  life !!!
I have “me time “ back ! And the feeling of a good full nights sleep is worth EVERY PENNY spent.
Thank you Marie for giving me back my life ... and a good nights sleep  "

Emma Blower