Max Royce - 23 Months


Max has always been a difficult sleeper, although he always had naps in his own room and slept in his own cot from 6 months old, we struggled with frequent wakings throughout the evening and night time. 

Exhausted doesn’t describe how we felt. We had tried everything and read so much about sleep but nothing seemed to work. Luckily we won a competition to get some much needed help from Marie and we’ve never looked back. Within a week of support we went from rocking to sleep for up to an hour to Max falling asleep himself in his own cot while I sat in the room. With continued support Max now settles himself to sleep and is sleeping right through the night. 

Marie  was so helpful and always at the end of the messenger group or phone call. She was very understanding to our families needs and helped every step of the way! We are so grateful! "

Ashley, Kev and Max